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Courses for barmen

the formation you need

Working in a bar requires a strong personal motivation, a good dose of humility and a certain spirit of sacrifice. Nevertheless, that is not enough. You also need the right formation. Nowadays it is not possible to improvise and decide to run a business without a proper knowledge. The same is for a Bar opening, especially when it is oriented to a direct relationship with the consumer.

It is fundamental to try to acquire skills not only from a theoretical but also from a practical point of view, by learning to prepare food and drinks, to clean and manage your equipment, to relate to suppliers and to manage your personnel. Besides, it is also fundamental to manage all the things that the customer “does not see”, but which are essential in order to allow the regular bar activity.

which courses can Caboto Caffè offer you?

Coursers for barmen are useful for increasing your own customers and along with them the distribution of the coffee and its derivatives throughout Liguria and Italy. Those who chose to sell Caboto Coffee in their own coffee Bar have made a good decision: an excellent product supported by a formation appropriate to the target.
The ones who adopted Caboto brand have the chance to gain extra skills, useful to their own success through Basic Courses and Advanced Courses of Coffee Bar and Latte Art.

That is the real innovation introduced by the Caboto Coffee suggestion: formation, formation and formation again!

The courses are organized on a monthly basis and take place by the headquarters of the company. Here you learn an ancient art.
A formation rich in precious sparks, necessary in order to offer their customers the means for working out the coffee at its best and to stand out in a field dense of competitors but rich in new opportunities to identify and achieve.
The courses are suitable for all barmen: those who wish to stand out for style and creativity; those who wish to learn different ways of running a Bar and improve their service and product with a particular attention to the technical and decorative aspects.


Coffee Bar and
Latter Art courses