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merchandising for bars

In order to be dinamic and attractive

Merchandising is an important activity for a bar, being it new or well established, because it allows attracting consumers and stimulating positive perceptions. By means of merchandising, it is possible to increase the turnout towards your own bar, retain customers, arising from competition and to maximize earnings. It is indeed a marketing technique very effective, which employs environments, objects and modes with which these ones are organized for conveying the brand, with the aim of imparting care and attention to every single small particular and assigning an identity to one’s own bar.

When you talk about merchandising for bar, you refer to various aspects. You may focus on the commodity-related layout, which is the way of showing products, for example by serving coffee in a customized cup. Alternatively, you may focus on the disposition of the products in the room and how to custom the space, for example with signs and panels, which are normally used to decorate the bar and give homogeneity to the materials of communication.


Caboto Caffè is able to help you in making your activity and brand visible to your customers. It came up with a product line of merchandising for bars, with the aim of promoting its own feeling of belonging and passion in making things the right way. We are talking about interesting objects useful to customize your own bar and to give a touch of identity to every single occasional event.

Choosing Caffè Caboto product line means then acquiring a style, a way of being and running an activity, it means making themselves recognizable and enhancing the quality of the product.

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