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Coffee at home


The intense and creamy aroma, that unleashes out of the cup, until you enjoy the persistent scent of ground beans, the ritual of coffee and at the same time art and pleasure: they are all moments you can enjoy even in your own house.

To sip a good coffee at home it is considered a sacred event, a daily rite to start the day on the right foot and to face your commitments with energy and good mood. However, it is not only a morning routine: the times in a day in which you have your coffee at home are multiple. Some like to have it late in the morning, some after lunch, and some in the afternoon or after dinner: whatever it is, nobody gives up the morning coffee when you wake up.

Coffee is energizing, relaxing and friendly, and most of the times you have it at home. For some it represents the best way of “taking action” and recharge. Coffee at home is mostly conceived as a moment to share with friends and guests or as the best way to take a break, relax during the day, and take a minute just for yourself.

Therefore, in order to bring home the pleasure of coffee at the bar, Caboto Caffè has come up with a “Home Line” by producing some specific blends for Moka, available in jars or small packages. The format ground for Moka Home is a well-balanced blend thought for preserving the unmistakeable aroma of Moka, while coffee in jar Home is a coffee blend of certified quality, suitable for those, who prefer the comfort of a format easy to close.

You will also the find at your disposal an entire range of coffee capsules, compatible with Nepsresso and Lavazza machines, in order to guarantee a real espresso even at home

Ground for moka


caffè in barattolo per moka

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