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The blends of Caffè Caboto Roastery are wisely mixed by capable hands and come from the enchanted lands of Brazil, the historical plantations of Africa, the spiritual India. Each quality of coffee reflects the features of the lands where it comes from, and together they bring precious quality blends to life, perfectly balanced with unique aromas.

Such a Roastery has been established in 1955 by the iron will of its historical owner Leonardo Boero and it had been remained a family-run artisan company to this day. His son Livio and his two grandsons Lorenzo and Luca, who keep on putting their passion and experience, hold the company today and are going to renew the whole production line in order to make it appropriate to the modern requests and various new blends. Besides, the Roastery is strongly undertaking an important procedure of rebranding, in order to confer a new identity to the brand, and to convey those concepts of modernity and innovation, which arose through the generational transition.

Inside a family history, there is a coffee history. The imported green coffee is accurately selected by paying particular attention to the origin fazendas. After the roasting stage, which takes place origin by origin, they proceed with the creation of the blends that have been handed down by Grandpa Leonardo across the years, and then they distribute the coffee both in beans and in capsules of different formats. The path of family Boero and his coffee is as virtuous and intense, like is the taste that comes in your mouth while having a hot cup.

Currently, Caboto Roastery is offering formative courses with the aim of giving its customers the means for working out at best the raw material and be able to stand out in a filed full of competition but rich of new opportunities.