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Coffee at the Office

Rest your mind and sip a coffee

It is well known, that disconnecting for a few minutes from the office or the usual place of work, for the traditional coffee break, improves your work quality. Every single break you can take during your work activity helps you memorize and learn what you have just read or listened to. Five minutes are enough for you to regenerate your mind, and a good coffee in the office is always helpful, even for socializing with your colleagues.

Coffee break is, in short, fundamental and essential if you wish to boost your working day.
In order to bring the pleasure of the coffee to the office, it is possible to choose among a series of capsules, compatible with the most modern coffee machines on the market and available in different blends.

Alternatively, for those who have the possibility to use a Moka, even the ground coffee “Moka Home” is ideal to be tasted at the office.


Ground for MOKA